Workers Compensation

ADX for Workers’ Compensation

America’s existing healthcare system suffers from perverse incentives with emphasis on costly denial/delay of treatment, inappropriate case closure and all too often the loss of valuable employees. Failure to appropriately and expertly recognize and treat high risk cases leads to delayed case closure and exponential cost increase.

ADX emphasizes cost effective, coordinated, appropriate and timely treatment with optimal MMI and return to work rates.

ADX is committed to providing an accurate, defensible diagnosis as early on in a worker’s compensation case as possible. This provides the patient information and tools to work on getting better and getting back to work. It also provides information and tools for the Workers’ Compensation payer/employer to appropriately assist the worker.

ADX monitors diagnostic and treatment outcomes and disseminates this information to our physicians and providers leading to continually improving “best practices.”

Reduced Time to Case Closure

Existing Healthcare System Patient Process and Timeline

Disjointed care potentially leading to multiple, unnecessary procedures followed by unnecessary surgery before reaching an indefensible, inappropriate MMI.The timeline can be extensive due to multiple procedures in addition to the patient being evaluated by multiple disciplines ( i.e. Pain Medicine, Orthopedics, Physiatry, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Etc).


ADX Patient Process. Typical timeline to MMI and case closure is significantly decreased.

Reduced Average Case Costs

Redued Case Costs

ADX: A Modern Day Healthcare Solution…Competence, Not Compliance.

The ANTITHESIS of Managed Care

ADX chooses only the very best physicians and providers, removes the barriers to accessing their knowledge, skills, and innovation, and lets them determine best care. ADX decreases costs through medical excellence, reduced time to diagnosis and treatment, and resultant, dramatically improved outcomes . . . not by restricting or denying care.

ADX monitors diagnostic and treatment outcomes and disseminates this information to our physicians and providers, leading to continually improving “best practices.”

If a medical director or case manager who has never been involved in a patient’s/client’s care can make better medical decisions than an ADX physician, we should be fired. If they can’t, they should…and we did.
Bradley D. Vilims, M.D., D.A.B.P.M
Founder/CEO, ADX, LLC

ADX Dramatic Outcomes