ADX is an innovative model for pain and spine treatment that brings together physicians, patients, employers, facilities and payers to transform healthcare. We are patient centered, physician directed, diagnosis driven, competent and accountable for producing the highest quality outcomes

ADX for CEOs and CFOs

Employee costs are typically the single biggest expense to a business. When you make substantial investments in your employees, you deserve an efficient system that produces the best possible outcomes, should they be injured or have a pain condition. ADX efficiently and economically returns employees to their life and their work.

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ADX for Attorneys

With ADX’s comprehensive group of health care physicians and providers and unparalleled experience serving clients in the auto injury and industrial medicine field, we are uniquely positioned to manage personal injury cases. ADX provides all the tools needed for the best case outcomes.

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ADX for Workers’ Compensation

ADX ensures quality of care, accurate diagnosis and early treatment to avoid unnecessarily long and costly injury recovery times and improved return to work rates. It also provides information and tools for the Workers’ Compensation payer/employer to appropriately assist the injured employee.

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ADX Outcomes

More personalized care and more effective doctors. ADX Physicians streamline patient care to reach an accurate diagnosis and move patients directly into effective treatment. ADX physicians have more flexibility to implement the best course of treatment, ensuring better and faster results.

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