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Welcome. Are You Ready to Stop the Pain?

You will find a different care experience with ADX. And it is an easy process.

1. Discover if ADX is Right for You

If ADX has been added to our health benefits plan and you are currently being evaluated for your pain condition, ADX will contact your to see if we can help. If you are experiencing persistent pain and wish to access your ADX concierge and see if ADX is right for you.

2. Meet Your Quarterback

Your ADX “Quarterback” physician advisor is a board-certified Pain Medicine doctor who will schedule a time to meet with you for an in-depth consultation. This consult starts the process of working with you to identify the cause of your pain, define the goals of treatment, and coordinate your care to obtain optimal results.

3. Know What’s Wrong

At ADX, an accurate diagnosis isn’t everything, it is the only thing. Knowing the cause of your pain is essential for determining the best treatment. your physician “Quarterback” will take the time, and apply their knowledge and skill to determine the source of your pain.

4. Start the Clock

One the diagnosis is determined, your ADX “Quarterback” will discuss best treatment options and assemble the team of experts necessary to obtain optimum results.

5. Stop the Pain!

As you are cared for, you and your ADX team will track your progress toward your goals. ADX is driven to get you to the maximum benefit of therapy, as soon as possible.


Experience a different care experience.

ADX provides care that is all about you. Treatments are focused on helping you accomplish your goals, whether it is picking up your grandson, getting back to work, or competing in your favorite sport. ADX monitors your results and incentivizes providers for helping you stop the pain…


…rather than reducing cost through seeing more patients, restricting your procedures, or denying your care.


What you can expect.

You get an accurate diagnosis quickly and this reduces the time it takes to stop the pain by weeks/months.

You will receive 40% fewer procedure (on average).

You will never fall through the cracks. ADX physicians are aggressively incentivized to reduce your treatment duration.