Patient Oriented Pain and Spine Care

Timely, responsive care is the essential first step in optimizing results. An office visit with an ADX Pain Medicine physician – not a mid-level provider – will be arranged within 2 to 5 days. Patients receive the time and attention necessary to fully evaluate their pain condition and develop a course of action emphasizing accurate diagnosis, and appropriate, necessary treatment (which many times will not require procedures or surgery).

ADX Real World Examples and Successes

Patient Case Example 1

36 year old male who sustained injuries from an auto accident 3 ye.ars ago. Patient had mid back pain and had undergone physical therapy, chiropractic care and massage with little to no relief. Patient was seen by an ADX IPM Physician 1 year and 2 months after the accident complaining of ongoing symptoms and no diagnosis. Patient was seen by ADX for a total of one comprehensive evaluation, 3 follow up visits and 2 procedures visits. A definitive diagnosis and treatment plan was determined and initiated with resultant complete resolution of symptoms.

  • ADX Result: Total time from initial ADX evaluation to resolution of pain = less than 3 months

Example 2

42 year old female involved in a motor vehicle accident over 3 years ago. The patient presented for her ADX evaluation having had over 3 years of constant, life-limiting right neck and arm pain. She previously received numerous trigger point injections, Botox injections, chiropractic treatment and massage with little benefit. She was being considered for surgery even though a definitive cause of her pain remained unknown. Following her ADX evaluation, a differential diagnosis was determined and a plan to confirm the source of her pain and initiate treatment was implemented. She subsequently underwent 1 procedure that verified the diagnosis; a 2nd procedure that confirmed the diagnosis followed immediately by definitive treatment with resolution of her symptoms and return to pre-accident activities.

  • ADX Result: Total time of ADX treatment = 6 weeks with a definitive diagnosis and resolution of symptoms.

Example 3

30 year old female who sustained injuries from an auto accident in over 6 years ago. The patient was treated for neck pain, headaches and thoracic spine pain with numerous, ineffective, procedures, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage and multiple medications for over 3 years with no definitive diagnosis and no improvement of symptoms. The patient was evaluated by ADX 3 years and 4 months post accident and underwent a comprehensive evaluation, 5 follow up visits and 3 procedures. A definitive diagnosis was determined and no further intervention was recommended due to an unacceptably high risk:benefit ratio of current, state of the art, treatment options.

  • ADX Result: An irrefutable, defensible diagnosis, maximum medical improvement (MMI) was established, no further intervention was indicated, and the case was settled
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ADX: A Free Market Healthcare Solution…Competence, Not Compliance.

The ANTITHESIS of Managed CareADX chooses only the very best physicians and providers, removes the barriers to accessing their knowledge, skills, and innovation, and lets them determine best care. ADX decreases costs through medical excellence, reduced time to diagnosis and treatment, and resultant, dramatically improved outcomes . . . not by restricting or denying care.

ADX monitors diagnostic and treatment outcomes and disseminates this information to our physicians and providers, leading to continually improving “best practices.”

If a medical director or case manager who has never been involved in a patient’s /client’s care can make better decisions than an ADX physician, we should be fired. If they can’t, they should…and we did.
Bradley D. Vilims, M.D., D.A.B.P.M
Founder/CEO, ADX, LLC

The two diagrams below illustrate a comparison between the traditional process vs. the ADX process when patients require both procedures and surgery. Please note this is just one example of what a patient could experience.

Patient Process and Timeline

In this illustration, the patient received multiple procedures followed by surgery before achieving MMI. As illustrated the timeline can be extensive due to multiple procedures in addition to the patient being evaluated by multiple disciplines ( i.e. Pain Medicine, Ortho, Physiatry, Other).

ADX Patient Process and Timeline

In the ADX illustration, the patient’s timeline to MMI is significantly decreased.