Improve the costs and outcomes of
musculoskeletal disorders by 10-40%

ADX is a high-performance network of neuro-musculoskeletal specialists who help employers improve the cost and outcomes of muskuloskeletal disorders.

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Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) can account for 20% of your medical spend.

MSDs affect more than 50% of adults in the United States. They are often the largest clinical cost driver for commercial employers, accounting for upwards of 20% of annual medical spend, according to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative.

MSDs have high cost for employers, but are not often addressed. According to Healthentic data, for every 1000 people you cover, you spend an average of $1.17 million on MSDs every year.  Most employers spend twice as much on musculoskeletal conditions as they do on cardiovascular disease, yet most employers focus more attention on cardiovascular disease.


ADX Improves Your MSD Costs and Outcomes

ADX Case Costs are up to 40% Lower

ADX reduces cost through medical excellence, faster time to diagnosis and efficient treatment. ADX does not reduce cost through increased patient volumes, restricted procedures, nor denied care. The ADX methodology eliminates unnecessary barriers and delays imposed by the current managed care system. 

ADX chooses only the best physicians and providers. Our multidisciplinary network is free to determine the best course of care based on their knowledge, skills, as well as cutting-edge medical advancements.  ADX monitors results and aggressively incentivizes providers for exceptional performance.

ADX Lowers Cost for You and Provides an Exceptional Experience for Your People

At ADX we believe that treating the patient, and NOT the medical system bureaucracy should be the primary focus of medical care. With the most knowledgeable and skilled physicians and providers, ADX achieves optimal treatment outcomes by creating an environment that unleashes talent, fosters communication and allows coordination of expertise.

ADX sets very high standards, which all participating physicians must meet or exceed. Dedicated to excellence and driven by positive outcomes, ADX delivers in all aspects of patient care. ADX aligns patients, physicians, employers, facilities and payers into a positive feedback loop that incentivizes quality of care and not quantity of care.